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Valuetainment - 7 Signs You Are Going to Be Successful - Summary 🔗

Below is the summary of the video.

#1 You Are Super Competitive 🔗

It does not matter what it is. You have to do it faster, better, bigger.

#2 You Finish Things 🔗

If you play a puzzle / video game or read a book, you can not stop before you finish it. You can not help yourself, you have to finish it. You always finish things.

#3 Your Circle Out-Earns You 🔗

Your circle is bigger than you in life, money, income, life style, success.

#4 Your Mind Never Stops 🔗

You are always thinking about what you could do to improve.

#5 Credible People See You Going Places 🔗

People like your principal, pastor, football coach, uncle, past boss all say that you are going places. Different people that spent a lot of time with you, know you well, your flaws, your habits.

#6 You Are Always Learning 🔗

You can not stop learning and getting better at things.

#7 You Are Extremely Obsessive 🔗

You know what you want and you have to have it. You figure out creative ways to get it.

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Updated on 2021 Oct 28.

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