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Sam Bleckley - The Church of Interruption - My Take 🔗

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I partially disagree with the article, this is my take on the topic.

Behaviour of each person:

I interrupt you when I understandI expect you to speak briefly
I speak until you interrupt(Church of) InterruptionWorst
I speak brieflyBest(Church of) Civility

What happens when a person on each row talks to a person on each column:

InterruptionOKDon’t get interrupted and speak too much.OKDon’t get interrupted and speak too much.
CivilityDon’t interrupt and hear too much.OKOKDon’t interrupt and hear too much.
WorstDon’t interrupt and hear too much.Don’t get interrupted and speak too much.OKBoth speak too much and hear too much.

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Updated on 2019 Sep 29.

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