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Fred Kofman - Your Job Is Not Your Job - Summary 🔗

The following are my main takeaways from each of the videos, quoting and paraphrasing the content.

What is your job? Your job is not what you do, but the goal you pursue.

What is the goal of every member of a company? To help the company win.

Doing your job may be hazardous to your career.

In a non-linear system, in order to optimize the system, you have to sub-optimize the sub-systems.

The problem is people get measured and compensated by the performance of their sub-system.

Global IncentivesOne TeamFree Riders
CooperationMoral Hazard
Risk PoolingAdverse Selection
Local IncentivesExcellenceSilo Mentality
Favorable SelectionRisk Bearing

Why does the apple fall? Because of gravity or because I let it go?

Choose the answer that is within your control.

Why am I late? Because I was stuck in another meeting or because I choose to stay in the other meeting when it went over time?

Victim is a person that privileges explanations with external factors:

Player is a person that is able to respond:

Anything that makes you suffer is your problem.

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Updated on 2019 Sep 28.

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