IQ Test Answers Explained

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Which word doesn’t fit?

3 are senses (inputs).

3 are forms of art.

What day was yesterday, if Monday is in two days?

Monday is in two days, Sunday is in one day (tomorrow), Saturday is in 0 days (today), Friday in in -1 days (yesterday).

Coffee is to cup, what cake is to …

Coffee “sits” on the cup, cake “sits” on the plate.

Finger is to hand, what leaf is to …

Finger => hand => arm => person => people. Leaf => twig => branch => tree => forest.

What is half of a quarter of 400?

A quarter of 400 is 100, half of that is 50.

“If you turn your left glove inside out, it will fit your right hand.”


Which shape completes the pattern?

For each row, from left the right, the shape rotates 45 degrees clockwise.

For each row, the second column is the first column plus (union) the third column.

Which shape does not fit the others?

4 images have 6 edges.

4 images are convex polygons.

3 images are rotated.

Select the picture that best fits the white space

The right side has a vertical solid line from top to bottom.

Complete the series:

+1, +2, +3, +4, +5, +6, +7.

x2, +4, x2, +4, x2.

8-9-10-11 interleaved with 6-5-4-3.

Some bracelets are valuable jewelry. All bracelets are made of gold. Which is true for sure?

Logic: Some bracelets (all of which are made of gold) are valuable jewelry. => Some valuable jewelry are bracelets (all of which are made of gold).

Some politicians are lazy. No lazy person is wealthy. Which is true for sure?

Logic: Some politicians are lazy (no lazy person is wealthy). => Some politicians are lazy (all lazy persons are not wealthy).


I think this is the maximum score possible on this test. Maybe I got some answers wrong.