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Ad - My Favorite Series And How You Can Watch Them 🔗

Taking a break to watch the latest series on a convenient streaming service is an excellent way to relax. Fortunately, the selection of shows has increased throughout the years, making it easy to find a few favorites. The list below has been curated for individuals looking for entertainment in a few major categories related to technology, law, crime, sex and fantasy.

Technology 🔗

Westworld 🔗

Using a mixture of science fiction and the old American West, creates a fantasy world where robots cater to the theme park’s guests. Set in the 2050s, Anthony Hopkins, Jeffrey Wright, Evan Rachel Wood, Ed Harris and other prominent actors star in the first two seasons of the series. Individuals wanting to watch this series will find it on Hulu and Amazon Prime Video.

Black Mirror 🔗

Created as an anthology series, each episode of Black Mirror stands alone, which makes it possible to watch in any order. Individual episodes explore several different genres, ranging from crime fiction and drama to thrillers. Fans of The Twilight Zone will probably enjoy watching this series as it was used to inspire the making of this current series. Black Mirror can be streamed using Netflix or Amazon Prime Video.

Law 🔗

Suits 🔗

Starring Gabriel Macht, Patrick J Adams and Meghan Markle, Suits comprises nine seasons and is set at a law firm in New York City. Season one spotlights expelled student Mike Ross, who decided to start taking the Law School Omissions Test for other individuals to pay for his grandmother’s care. Throughout its run, this series was nominated for several awards. Streaming Suits can be done on Amazon Prime Video, Peacock and through the iTunes Store.

How to Get Away with Murder 🔗

This legal thriller series stars Viola Davis as Annalise Heating. She’s a high-profile criminal defense attorney who teaches law at Middleton University. The series also stars Billy Brown as Nate Lahey. This Philadelphia police detective is having an affair with Annalise at the start of the series. Other actors in the series How to Get Away With Murder include Alfred Enoch as Wes Gibbons and Jack Falahee as Connor Walsh. People who want to watch this series can find it on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

Boston Legal mixes comedy with drama. It has five seasons and stars James Spader, William Shatner, Candace Bergen and several other famous actors. James Spader won two Primetime Emmy Awards for the role he portrayed. Other winners of Primetime Emmy Awards for the series include William Shatner and Christian Clemensen. Following the exploits of the lawyers from the fictional law firm Crane, Poole & Schmidt will probably create a few laughs from anyone who picks up this series, which can be done by using Hulu and Amazon Prime Video.

Crime 🔗

White Collar 🔗

The main actors in White Collar include Matt Bomer, Tim DeKay and Willie Garson. In the series, Neil Caffrey is a forger, thief and con artist who is finally captured after three years of evading the FBI, specifically Special Agent Peter Burke. Unfortunately for Agent Burke, Caffrey escapes with only a few months left in his sentence to look for his girlfriend. He’s quickly found and returned to prison but makes a deal with Burke to help apprehend unruly white-collar criminals. Hulu and Amazon Prime Video are two of the primary streaming services where you’ll find this series available.

The Mentalist 🔗

Individuals into drama television series will likely enjoy watching The Mentalist as it follows an independent consultant for the California Bureau of Investigation, Patrick Jane, on several adventures. This police procedural stars Simon Baker as Patrick Jane, Robin Tunney as Teresa Lisbon and Tim Kang as Kimball Cho. The series often uses fictional locales and was mainly filmed in Los Angeles County. HBO Max and Amazon Prime Video are two of the leading streaming services showing The Mentalist.

Lie to Me 🔗

This American crime drama series stars Tim Roth as Dr. Cal Lightman. He and his colleagues in The Lightman Group work on assignments from local and federal law enforcement agencies, assisting the investigators to reach the truth. Lie to Me can be streamed using Amazon Prime Video and Hulu.

Sex 🔗

How I Met Your Mother 🔗

This American sitcom is known for its unique humor, structure and dramatic elements. Extremely popular throughout its run, it stars Neil Patrick Harris, Josh Radnor, Jason Segel and Kobe Smulders. In the series, the adventures of Ted Mosby are followed. However, it’s done with a twist as Ted verbally retells the story of his antics to his son and daughter through the voice of Bob Saget. How I Met Your Mother can be streamed using Amazon Prime Video and Hulu.

Californication 🔗

Starring David Duchovney, Californication is an American drama series with seven seasons. In it, Hank Moody, played by Duchovney, is an alcoholic novelist with longtime writer’s block. He blames this problem on his girlfriend Karen, who left him, and the hedonism of LA. The show has several rock culture references, frequently alluding to Henry Rollins and Warren Zevon. It can be streamed using Showtime Anytime and Amazon Prime Video.

Fantasy 🔗

Game of Thrones 🔗

Several writers created the six series of the Game of Thrones and many critics and historians have praised it for its realistic portrayal of medieval life. Game of Thrones has a significantly large cast, estimated to be one of the biggest ever for a series. It’s roughly based on storylines from the George R. R. Martin book series, A Song of Ice and Fire. Streaming can be found for this series via Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max and HBO Now.

Lost 🔗

This series spanned six seasons and stars several actors. It was created by J. J. Abrams, Damon Lindelof and Jeffrey Lieber. The series contains science fiction and supernatural elements and follows survivors from a commercial jet airliner plane crash. Streaming for Loss can be found on Amazon Prime Video and Hulu.

Dragon Ball 🔗

One of the most popular manga series existing, Dragon Ball continues its popularity today. The series began with a monkey-tailed boy named Goku . He teams up with a teenage girl named Bulma, and they go on several adventures to find the seven mystical Dragon Balls. Fans of manga will want to catch this show on Hulu.

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