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Yearly Life Review 2019 πŸ”—

Below are my goals and how they went in 2019.

Health πŸ”—

Sleep πŸ”—

Waking up without alarm clock is still a challenge.

Nutrition πŸ”—

I’ve learned to fast. I no longer get hungry before going to sleep and I no longer get upset if I skip breakfast. Deciding that I will not eat reduces my hunger.

Exercise πŸ”—

This year I’ve worked out on most weeks. I only took a break for 1 week during a business trip and for 4 weeks when my son was born.

In the yearly powerlifting competition I did Squat 100kg (same as last year), Bench Press 80kg (+2.5kg versus last year) and Deadlift 130kg (+10kg) for a total 310kg (+12.5kg).

In the warm months I did up to ~13 hours of running per month (up to ~130km). I’ve got my weight from ~75kg back to ~71kg without losing much strength.

Wealth πŸ”—

Career πŸ”—

I keep learning, usually from videos and podcasts on 2x the speed.

I went for promotion and it didn’t yet work.

Saving πŸ”—

This year I bought for myself only 2 discretionary items: a new pair of minimalist running shoes for ~90USD and a DNA ancestry test for ~150USD.

I still have no debts and live in a city / state with lower taxes.

Investing πŸ”—

My investments have overall IRR of ~5.8% per year in CHF.

They cost ~0.2% per year of TER, have ~0.06% average spread and ~17.33% turnover.

I keep investing most of my income.

Love πŸ”—

Partner πŸ”—

This year we got married and had our first child ❀️❀️

Friends πŸ”—

We have some periodic meetings.

Parents πŸ”—

We have some periodic meetings.

I keep sending a fixed amount of money per month.

Meaning πŸ”—

Awareness πŸ”—

I recently got more strict about what counts as a mistake, e.g. reduced my video game allowance from 10 minutes per day to 0.

I still almost never lie and never need to keep track of lies.

Fun πŸ”—

I sometimes practice difficult songs like Mediterranean Sundance / RΓ­o Ancho - Friday Night In San Francisco on the acoustic guitar and Chopin, Fantasie-Impromptu, opus 66 on the piano.

Good πŸ”—

This site gets some page views :)

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Updated on 2019 Dec 15.

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