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Shamil Chandaria - The Bayesian Brain and Meditation - Summary 🔗

Below is my summary of the video ‘The Bayesian Brain and Meditation’ by Shamil Chandaria.

The real title is in the subtitle: A predictive processing account of radical changes in the character of phenomenal experience. Experiences of awakening, enlightenment, liberation.

When we perceive something we have to infer what is going on, we act as scientists or statisticians.

Bayesian Perception Problem 🔗

The World

The Agent

Bayes Theorem

Bayesian Brain Model 🔗

The Variational Algorithm 🔗

Minimize Free Energy:

Active Inference:

Precision Weighting & Attention 🔗

Phenomenal Self-Model 🔗

Bodily foundation of Minimal Phenomenal Self:

“if … the self-model of a conscious system would become fully opaque, then the phenomenal target property of experiential ‘selfhood’ would disappear” (Metzinger)

Families of Meditations 🔗

Attentional family

Deconstructive family

Constructive family

Focused Attention Meditation 🔗

Deconstruction, Vipassana, Mindfulness Meditation 🔗


Non-Dual Awareness (NDA) 🔗




Phenomenological Dimensions of Meditation 🔗



The 8 Jhanas also go up in y, x and z:

  1. Energy, physical pleasure, rapture
  2. Joy, mental pleasure, energy
  3. Serene contentedness, quiet, peace
  4. Deep peace, stillness
  5. Infinite space, boundless body map
  6. Infinite consciousness
  7. Infinite nothingness, void
  8. Neither perception nor non-perception

After Deconstructing Yourself, Reconstructing Yourself 🔗

Dependent Co-Arising As Bayesian Inference 🔗

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Updated on 2023 Sep 27.

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