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Psychological Analysis Of Movie ‘A Bad Moms Christmas’ 🔗

Here is my psychological analysis of the main mothers and grandmothers in terms of the Big Five Personality Traits.

Conscientiousness 🔗

efficient/organized vs. easy-going/careless

firsthighhighergrandmother does all the hard work to make the perfect xmas
thirdlowlowergrandmother has no job

Openness To Experience 🔗

inventive/curious vs. consistent/cautious

firstlowlowergrandmother is not open to trying a different xmas
secondlowlowergrandmother is not open to being more independent
thirdhighhighergrandmother is always traveling

Agreeableness 🔗

friendly/compassionate vs. challenging/detached

firsthighlowgrandmother does xmas her own way
secondhighhighmother and grandmother don’t talk about their disagreements
thirdlowlowergrandmother does not have a relationship with her grandson

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Updated on 2020 Jun 1.

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