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John Vervaeke - Awakening from the Meaning Crisis - Episode 3 - Continuous Cosmos and Modern World Grammar - Summary 🔗

The following are my main takeaways from the video, quoting and paraphrasing the content.

More Axial Revolution 🔗

People start to become aware of how much the transformation of mind and heart is the way to alleviate suffering. The mythological framework changes.

Myths are symbolic stories about perennial patterns that are always with us. Attempt to take intuitive, implicitly learned patterns and put them into some form that is shareable with ourselves and others. We are not using the common meaning of myth of being a falsehood that is widely believed.

Mythological is neither scientific nor just metaphorical.

Before 🔗

People experienced the world as continuous cosmos, people felt a deep continuity between the natural world and the cultural world, and between the cultural world and the world of the gods.

Time moved in cycles, future was not open.

The gods are of particular places or particular functions, not general.

After 🔗

Mythology of two worlds, also called the great disembedding:

Wisdom is knowing how to make the transformative leap of self-transcendence from the every day world to the real world. How you can grow as a person.

Meaning is a connectedness to the real world, as opposed to a detrimental connectedness to the illusory every day world.

Aside: Present 🔗

The scientific worldview is destroying the mythology of two worlds and returning us to continuous cosmos.

There is no radical difference in kind between you and the primates you have evolved from. The is no radical difference in kind between your mind and your embodied existence. Science is leveling the world, and we are returning to one world.

How do we salvage the ability to cultivate widom, self-transcendence, enhance meaning, overcome self-deception, realize who we are and how the world is, when we can no longer use the mythological world view in which it was born?

We are going through a re-embedding, it has been progressive and increasing. Copernicus, Galileo, Darwin, Einstein re-embedded us.

Ancient Israel 🔗

The grammar of the bible is the grammar of your own cognition. Grammar is how you put thoughts together.

Invented psychotechnology of understanding time as a cosmic narrative. Using a story to explain how the cosmos is unfolding through time. Future is open. Your actions can change the future. Ongoing creation through history.

The god of old testament is not bound to time and place. The god of open future, named I will be that I will be. Becomes more and more an deity of progress.

Kairos are the turning points in history.

Faith was the sense of progressing, it did not mean believing ridiculous things for which there is no evidence.

Sin meant to be wrong without realizing it, to make bad decisions, to miss the course of progress.

Prophet is someone who wakes you up right now to your mistakes, it is not someone who predicts the general future.

The moral content of your actions decides how things are going to go. Increasing emphasis on the morality of human decision making. Wake up to your moral responsibility to help everyone to get back on track and to turn things back towards the promised land (the potential good future). Justice, righteousness, waking up.

Participate in the ongoing creation of the world, shaping the future, helping yourself, your neighbours and your society to progress, measured mostly in terms of moral improvement, increasing justice, flourishing, sense of people living up to their promise (potential).

Ancient Greece 🔗

Added vowels to the alphabet and standardized reading from left to right. Increased cognitive fluency, the ease of processing information. A lot of fluency leads to flow.

Emergency of democracy encouraging argumentation and debate, leading to the psychotechnology of rational argumentation.

Invented mathematics, geometry, abstract symbol systems for their own sake.

Pythagoras 🔗

Seems to have gone through shamanic training.

Discovered musical octaves.

Invented word cosmos, related to cosmetics, and equated it with universe, meaning that through music and mathematics we can see the beauty everywhere.

Invented word philosophy, from:

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Updated on 2019 Apr 23.

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