9 Questions To Check If You Are Addicted

Questions from this article generalized to any addiction.

$ADDICTION in the questions below can be any addiction: sleep, eat, drink, exercise, work, save, invest, buy, sex, play, watch, learn, etc.

#1 Pre-Occupation

Do you spend a lot of time

#2 Withdrawal

Do you feel restless, irritable, moody, angry, anxious or sad when

#3 Tolerance

Do you feel the need to

#4 Reduce / Stop

Do you feel that you should do $ADDICTION less, but are unable to cut back on the amount of time / money / energy / etc. you spend doing $ADDICTION?

#5 Give Up Other Activities

Do you lose interest in or reduce participation in other activities due to $ADDICTION?

#6 Continue Despite Problems

Do you continue to do $ADDICTION even though you are aware of negative consequences, such as not getting enough sleep, being late to school or work, spending too much time / money / energy / etc., having arguments with others, or neglecting important duties?

#7 Deceive / Cover Up

Do you

#9 Escape Adverse Moods

Do you do $ADDICTION to escape from or forget about personal problems, or to relieve uncomfortable feelings such as guilt, anxiety, helplessness or depression?

#9 Risk / Lose Relationships / Opportunities

Do you risk or lose significant relationships, or job, educational or career opportunities because of $ADDICTION?

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Updated on 2021 Nov 24.

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