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Dr. Satchin Panda on Time-Restricted Feeding and Its Effects on Obesity, Muscle Mass & Heart Health - Summary 🔗

The following are my main takeaways from the video with respect to diet, quoting and paraphrasing the content.

Our body has multiple internal clocks. The master clock is based on light. Most peripheral clocks (e.g. liver) are based on when we eat. The first sight of bright light and the first time we eat determine how our body works.

Time Restricted Feeding (TRF): Eating within a 8-12 hour time window that begins with when the first food or non-water drink enters your mouth. Dr. Panda’s research has demonstrated that TRF has health benefits that may include reductions in fat mass, increases in lean muscle mass, lower inflammation, improved heart function with age, increased mitochondrial volume, ketone body production, improved repair processes, and aerobic endurance improvements.

TRF (restricting only time, not quantity) decreased fat for mice eating an unhealthy diet, and increased lean muscle mass for mice eating a normal diet.

You can track yourself and contribute with the research by using the app (link).

TRF also promotes a diverse microbiome in your gut (which is good). Alternating between the ‘digesting environment’ and the ‘fasting environment’ helps different types of gut bacteria stay alive.

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Updated on 2018 Nov 25.

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