StrongLifts 5x5 Workout And App - Review

See the website and app on link.


The site explains the correct form for the 5 exercises. This helps prevent injury.

My Experience

I have followed this workout for 15 months so far.

I have started from the minimum weights to practice using the correct form.

My Modifications To The Workout

I do only two days per week, instead of 3, to have time and energy for other exercises.

I deload by a smaller amount, such that it only takes 3 weeks to ramp back up, to avoid having too many easy workouts.

My Goals

Don’t expect the chest development of a 100kg/220lb bencher if you only bench half that. Don’t expect legs like a 180kg/400lb Squatter if you can’t even Squat two plates. Aim for 140kg/300lb SQ, 100kg/220lb BP and 180kg/400lb DL.

I currently use the 1 Rep Max Strength Goals (link) as my goals for the 3x3 workout.

Another good source of gooals is (link).

Mobile App

The mobile app is useful to track rest time and past workout results.

I use the warm-up workouts paid feature.

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Updated on 2018 Nov 25.

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