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Exercise 🔗


Lift weights weekly.

Calisthenics weekly.

Run weekly.

Weights 1RM 🔗

Squat: 103kg.

Bench Press: 80kg.

Deadlift: 135kg.

Calisthenics 🔗

Handstand: free standing.

Planche: tuck to advanced; tuck to tuck handstand.

Back Lever: advanced to straddle.

Muscle Up: swing; false grip.

Front Lever: advanced to straddle.

L-sit: full to v-sit.

Pistol Squat: full (elevated heel).

Hamstring: stretch.

Stomach vacuum.

Challenges 🔗

Habit 🔗

I exercise at the same time of day on the same day(s) of the week.

Gain Muscle 🔗

I use winter to bulk (gain some muscle and a little fat) and summer to cut (lose some fat and a little muscle).

Lose Fat 🔗

I run up to 2h30min per day on most sunny days during the summer with low heart rate and minimalistic shoes.

Travel 🔗

I use a local gym, do body-weight exercises, or rest.

Tracking 🔗

I track sets, reps and weights.

I track run distance and speed.

Tools 🔗

Spreadsheet to track barbell workouts.

Strava app to track runs.

Past Tools 🔗

Garmin watch to track run and swim.

Runkeeper app to train for X km run.

Fitbit to track sleep, steps and resting heart rate.

Moov app for body weight workouts.

Freeletics app for body weight workouts.

Thenics app for body weight workouts.

Thenx app for body weight workouts.

Guerilla Cardio pdf for high intensity interval training workout.

Insanity videos for body weight workouts.

Stronglifts app to track barbell workouts.


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Updated on 2024 Feb 15.

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